Saturday, May 26, 2012

Scenic drives

We prefer to take the scenic route when traveling and today that proved to be EXTREMELY restful and relaxing.

We drove from home down to Williamsburg, VA. The goal for our weekend excursion was to forget all about the house I have to clean and return to our landlord. The highway drive today already did it ;-)

If you ever have the pleasure of driving between DC and East Coast Virginia, may I suggest Highway 301 and Highway 17?? I will warn you that the bathroom stops were few and FAR between ;-). But I believe the scenery, the lack of traffic, and the trees were worth it. It gave us an immediate sense of calm as soon as we got away from the traffic at Dalgrem Naval Base.

Now we are all ready for bed and set up in our little appt (I can't thank you enough, Edie). Even Ivy is settled on the counter...what, you think I could shove her into a wooden crate like the rest of my household junk???


  1. Haha, I still laugh when I think about the move where Ivy was buckled into a seat along with the rest of the family ;)

    1. Hey, we practice latte machine safety here!!