Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Grandma's Ice Cream

I recently found an electric ice cream churn at a garage sale.  Darn, it was only a quarter!!!  How can I pass that up when it came with all the rock salt they wanted to unload as well ;-) So of course I haunted my mother for the homemade ice cream I grew up eating, because I love it!! So she passed along my beloved grandmother's ice cream recipe.  I use the recipe, however the technique for making it I got from Good Eats!

You Need:
8 cups whole milk (I do only 6 cups for a richer ice cream)
2 cups cream or 4 cups half and half
2 3/4 cups granulated sugar
4 eggs (yep, eggs, you will see in the video, it becomes safe!)
2 tsp vanilla

Just in case you can't get the video to play:
First, you will need to crack those eggs into a stand mixer or blend with a hand mixer.  You can do it with a whisk, but it's going to cost you those arm muscles ;-)  Slowly add the sugar till the eggs resemble a white frothy, shiny goo.  I end up only getting a cup and the 3/4 in there. 

Place the heavy cream or half and half  and the remaining sugar in a pot over medium heat to just boiling, don't allow to full boil (stir regularly so it doesn't burn).  With mixer going, slowly add the hot creamer mix to the egg mix.  Put this all back into the pot and bring the temp to 170*.  This will make that egg safe to consume and freeze.  Once that is heated properly, I put it back into my stand mixer to add the rest of the cold milk.  This helps it to cool down.  You will want to place this mixture in the fridge to fully cool before putting it into the ice cream churn.  This will use less ice and salt when churning.  Also, you can't add the vanilla to the mix until it is cool.  Churn according to your churn's directions, freeze to desired consistency.  Yummy!!!


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