Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Welcome Home, Andrea!

My very good friend Andrea is stateside again.  They chose to use his leave (military paid time off) and they took a one-way-cruise from Spain to Florida.  They rushed very quickly past PA to get a vehicle from their folk's house, and then rush to their new duty station to find a house in a SUPER tight time frame.

I am so excited to have her back here where I don't have to email and plan a phone date.  I am so excited to get to see her more than every 2 years.  I am also very excited at the prospect of meeting them in NYC next year or them coming here to DC for a touring week.

WELCOME HOME ANDREA!!!  Woohoo for me, woohoo for me!!  Oh, maybe woohoo for you??  Call when you can, get Verizon for your cell phones so we can text all we want ;-)  Of course that was a request!!!  ;-)


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