Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Top10: I know I'm a mom...

Top Ten {Tuesday}I am the mother of 5 children, ranging from ages 10 down to an 18month toddler/climber.  So my Top Ten Tuesday revolves around them ;-)

The top ten reasons you know you are a mother!!

10. You walk out of the house with a clean shirt... and buckle yourself into the car with a dirty one ;-)

9. You can never find both of your shoes, your children love playing with them!

8. You have ever struggled over peeling a messy orange that you won't get to eat.

7. You have ever given away your nice hot meal because "food always looks best on Mommy's plate!"

6. If you start 'getting ready' to walk out the door 30 minutes before you need to!!

5. You have ever pulled out: matchbox cars, crayons, snotty Kleenex, rocks, or anything else out of your purse while trying to locate your checkbook.


4. Toilet paper rolls disappear into the void along with the single socks and car keys.

3. You have ever found yourself wrapped in a towel, stopping an argument....instead of enjoying the hot shower still running in your bathroom.

2. Your husband lets you know you were yelling at kids in your sleep ;-)

1. You hear this repeated all day, at various decibels:


I am sure you have some of your own... please share them!!  I could use a good chuckle ;-)


  1. Too funny! Today, mine would be, "You know you're a mom when instead of ordering pizza at 1:00 am to eat with your friends, you are up cooking one for your daughter's preschool Christmas party."

  2. That is funny!!! Ah them good ol' party days are over, eh?? ;-)

  3. I only have three, but can so relate... Especially to the purse one. My purse is just packed with kid stuff. One of these days, I'll just carry a lipstick and a wallet... one of these days a loooong time from now. :)

  4. Yes, someday just MY essentials. I actually had to purchase a bigger purse as the kids got older... something I swore I would NEVER do!!!