Saturday, January 12, 2013

Word Seek App

Kay’sLittleKonerI have more App Love to share with you all.

This game is not only fun, but...educational! My kids have been playing it to help build their vocabularies. May I introduce you to Word Seek? You don't have to log in to the Apple Game Center to play it, but you will have to log in if you wish to play against other people. This app is $1.99, but worth that to avoid all the ads that pop up in the lite version.

You can see the options for playing the game. I don't really challenge people in this game because I have to log in to the Game Center to do it.

 You can choose difficulty settings and time options. I still play on the beginner settings for slow pokes. That is about where I am with this game.

 My FIL is a wiz at Boggle type games, so he would beat me every time on this game :-)

You will notice that it looks every so much like Boggle. Boggle is a game that can be maddening, but I have found this version to be quite enjoyable.

You seek words by connecting the tiles that touch without doubling up on a tile. Sidways and diagonal work. The tiles will highlight green for a good word combo, yellow if you have already used that word, and red if it's not acceptable.

You can see it keeps track of the words you have found.

Longer words help you advance levels.

I also appreciate that the word frames will repeat after several plays so that you can actually work on building vocabulary instead of always working random blocks.

Once your game is over you get to see your scores and the percent of possible words found. You also get a green box telling you what words were possible. I actually like that.

The kids have asked me about many words that were possible :-)


  1. I've always loved games like this...even before smartphones/iphones, etc. Y'know...long ago when the world operated with paper? LOL

    I'm gonna go check this out and install it. Yippee. Thanks for the heads up.

    1. We are board game people too. My parents handed that down to us. They tell stories of tossing the Boggle game inside a towel after having all the kids in bed ;-) The best part of these iPad games is the mobility and messlessness.