Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What did he say??

There are many funny moments in parenting!! Sure, not all of them, but kids can just say the darnedest things!!  One such funny moment came after a hike in the woods when we lived in NC.  My children (the boys ESPECIALLY) will find much and various treasure when we are out and about hiking.  We drag home fun or shiny rocks, sticks that look like magic wands, and on this particular occasion, it was a bunch of perfect little acorn nuts.

The conversation that ensued had me laughing so hard I was nearly crying, and to this day my kids have no idea why mommy nearly ran them all off the road that one time.

Hey, what is that?
In your pocket.
Oh, those are my nuts.
I wanna see your nuts.
Not right now, mom says don't get them out in the van.
But I wanna see them.
You need to leave my nuts alone.
I just wanna play with one.
No, I don't want you touching my nuts!
Give me them.
No!!  They are my nuts!!
Mom, Danny won't share his nuts.
I don't want Josh playing with my nuts!! 
Get your hands off my nuts!!
 Hey, mom, are you crying??

This conversation is why I also just cracked up watching Over the Hedge with my kids. You never know what will become a memory ;-)

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  1. HAHahaha! I can hear it all in their voices too! That is too funny!