Saturday, December 31, 2011

Where's the snow?

"Where are you keeping the snow?"  said Bing Crosby when his character in White Christmas steps off the train in Vermont. I feel about the same way :-(

The winter just before we moved to the DC area, they got a record 24+ inches of snow here.  My children were very excited about this prospect, yet we are now heading into our second 'winter' here and this week we made the kids wear their sweatshirts just to block the wind.  We had 50's this week in between a green Christmas and New Year's.  Such a bummer for this Midwest girl.  The weather folks say we will be getting a cold snap from Canada this coming week, but no precipitation.  Which means no snow :-(

I was all prepared to put a nice winter background together for my blog, but alas, I was just not inspired.  So I found this scene and had to use it.  There she sits, looking at a naked tree with green grass all around.  We drove through the local Christmas Light Display and marveled at the green grass all around.  The kids enjoyed the lights while hubby and I moaned internally at the lack of Holiday Cheer.

I hope your New Year's weekend is delightful and if you happen to have any snow, please send some my way!!!

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  1. Well, it's beautiful, anyway. We finally got more snow today (maybe 1/2 inch in on the ground now), and we're in the Midwest, so you're not missing anything :)haha