Sunday, January 9, 2011

Yay, she is coming today

My best friend is coming today, sunday!!  yahoo!!  I don't think I can express my excitement properly on this keyboard.  My hubby is all his sweetness coordinated with my best friend to buy her a plane ticket to come out for the second week of my lonely TDY stint.  Hubby rocks!!!  I totally love surprises and this is one of my favorite forms.  So we are planning food, planning day trips... did I mention planning food???

So I may be out of the loop this week.  I hardly get to see Layni (our entire friendship has been long distance, sharing a dorm room for only 1 semester 1996) so we are shutting down here and totally focusing on our guest. YAY, I get a guest!!!  She came when I gave birth to Noah and helped out immensely at the hospital with my recovery.  Seven months is a long wait!!!!


in high school!

 in college

postnatal my first baby

her wedding prep, me preggers with #3

just after my #5

I can't wait to make more memories Layni!!!  


  1. Oh I hope you have a great time with your friend! Really reminds me how I miss mine and she only lives an hour away. I must go see her!
    I hope the rest of your New Year goes as well as the first week!

  2. Fun! I hope you and Layni have a ball! Enjoy her visit.