Friday, June 8, 2012

Tidbits from the trip so far

Mommy's IdeaI almost didn't get this done today.  We have been on the road for a while now, but we have just today begun the long stretch of hotel living and long miles to cover.

But I have the kids bathed, the oldest is sitting in the laundry room down the room babysitting the dirty laundry, hubby is on our regular vacation WalMart run, and I am sitting here updating you all ;-)

My 4 year old says some very, I'm, interesting things at times.

"I am going to have two wives when i grow up because I like girls."
"Who do you plan to marry, JJ?"
"Deborah and Sara"

After texting this amusing thing to friends this was the response:
- he will have to move to Utah then
- awesome! I like a guy who knows what he wants (this is Deborah's mom)

My husband lost a dear friend a couple weeks. His Quick Trip insulated coffee mug died. It has been his daily companion for over a decade. He didn't take it with him to Afghanistan because he didn't want it to die on him ;-) Nit it somehow acquired a crack last month, but still kept working. In Williamsburg, I tossed it into the dishwasher and this caused the insulation to bulge out!!! It wouldn't fit in a cup holder nor could we get the lid back on. He asked me to take a picture of his long time partner before we sent it to it's reward ;-)

Today we rolled through Siouxland on our way to Rapid City, SD.  That may not mean much to most folks, but I did three semesters at Northwestern College in Orange City, IA right after high school.  So many fun memories from that time frame.  What made me smile and run through a parking lot with my phone was a sign written on the Starbucks window talking about supporting local things in Siouxland.

It made me remember my ritual of announcing to folks in my car, or just announcing to myself that I had either entered or left Siouxland.  I completely forgot about this (of course) until recently my best friend reminded me.  So of course she got the picture!!

Oh, and Jamers got several texts today concerning the extremely FLAT topography of middle South Dakota.


  1. I know your hubby may not be "emotionally ready" to replace Ms QT, but here's hoping he will find a Ms Something or Other soon to take her place.

    1. He has sort of adapted to a 20oz Starbucks mug, but he claims it just doesn't hold his coffee the way 'cutie' did, hahahaha.

  2. Been to Sioux land myself....many fact that is where my father was born. But, the farther west you go, the prettier it gets. Love your son's thoughts....but just cracked up with Deborah's mother's comment.

    A CLEAN BREAK is my post today.

    Enjoy your trip. Drive safely.

    1. I need to get over to read your post, will get that done soon :-) Deborah's mom is pretty funny, thanks for the kind safety wishes!

  3. The texts are always welcome!
    Did you get him a replacement when you hit the QT?

    We got quite a giggle out of JJ as well!

    1. No replacement yet. None of the current QT mugs really caught his eye. He says he won't find another mug like that every again ;-)

  4. That cup looks like it went into the microwave. Poor QT.

    I had to reread that city in Iowa. Orange City you say? So funny! I live in Orange City, but here in Florida. :)

    1. I thnk i accidentally put the high heat dry on the dishwasher. I felt so horrible!!

      Oh no kidding, Orange City, FL. Well, that makes more sense to have it in Florida, not in dutch reformed NW Iowa. But they do have some fabulous dairy up in that area :-)

  5. So you'll be Flatlanders, then, huh?

    I hate it when I love a coffee cup/mug and it gets broken or lost. First-world problems...

    Your little guy sounds like a real cutie-pie :)

    Thanks for linking up. Have a productive-yet-relaxing weekend.

  6. Okay, when you begin with "My husband lost a dear friend"... I was NOT expecting that dear friend to be a PLASTIC QT PLASTIC COFFEE MUG!!! For a second, I'm thinking, "Oh, no. Poor Ben. Not Again." You two are nuts ... but I love ya anyway ... and miss you already!