Monday, February 20, 2012

Looking back at high school graduation
This week's Memory Lane is all about high school graduation.  Nothing too profound, just fun to look back and remember such fun times.  Do you have memories from your childhood that you would like to share?  Grab the button and link in!!

May 28, 1995
   I have been flogged by tons of people.  My graduation party just ended.  Only the real close people are left. I had a very fun time.  I 'm trying to calm and relax.  The house was packed.  I couldn't even walk through the kitchen.  I got video tape of all the people here.  It was great!!  I don't ever want to party again!  I'm going to talk to my remaining friends.

June 5, 1995
   Layni and I just got back form Minnesota.  We had fun.  She graduated and we did the whole party thing.  I still think that Shanon is cute and if he didn't have a girlfriend I would have really flirted hard core.  Will I ever have a boyfriend who will look into my eyes with care and love?  I hope so!!  I'm trying to clean my room.  There are lots of things I no longer need.  Ah well, we grow up so fast don't we?  I hope I'm ready.  With God's help, i will be.  Only 2 weeks till Venezuela!
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