Thursday, February 16, 2012

Big babies!

My younger sister got some rough news yesterday... her first baby is already measuring 9lbs 6oz.  That is a decent sized baby, I will grant, but the craziest part for me is my sister is just barely 5 feet tall.

It's her first baby and she was so hoping to have it 'natural' and have her first glory story.  Now the OB is wanting to schedule a C-section to birth Gabriel that way.  My sister was hoping to avoid this option.

My mind immediately jumped to 2006 when my 5'2" best friend painfully, after long hours, birthed her first boy.  Asher was also 9.6 and Layni was rushed from the room because they could not stop the bleeding!!  There was a point at which they really thought they couldn't :-(  It took hours to sew her back up and another several months for her to build back up her platelets after losing nearly 50% of her blood supply.

It is for that reason alone I am thankful that Beth's OB is going to take my nephew via C-section.  I sent my sister a text 'hug' yesterday, because I know all about wanting things a certain way and not getting it ;-)  I finished with this:

"Bethy, this is just  a precursor to parenthood...NOTHING goes your way.  Welcome to the mommy club! ~love kay"

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  1. Excellent ending to the story. And with a baby that big, a c-section isn't the worst thing.