Wednesday, December 22, 2010


i feel like a terrible mother, i didn't get this posted in a timely fashion.  my son will never know i didn't get this out on time, but i know.  every year i tell myself that my son who is born the very week of Christmas is NOT going to get the shaft for his birthday.  i just didn't get his birthday blog out on time.  (my kids love seeing their name and stuff on my blog ;-)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSHY!!  Six years ago today I spent the morning rocking in my recliner at our apartment in seminary working through as many contractions as I could before hitting the hospital.  Hubby was 45 minutes south at Fort Knox, KY, my then 2yr old daughter was running a fever and throwing up on me.

Freezing rain began to fall, hubby started for home, and things were heating up for me at the house.  My mother had been on the road trying to make the last birth, so they were already in town for this one.  They borrowed a dear friend's town home and we were just counting minutes together.

Around 1pm, hubby almost literally slid into our parking space, we shuffled carefully out to the van and headed to the hospital with mother and sister in tow.  I walked the halls a bit, we broke the water, took some pitocin... and Joshy came flying into the world around supper time (a common thread with my children's births).  Josh really didn't feel the need to wait for the doctor who only made it into the room to catch him on the way out.  We got to know each other real well in the days we were iced in the hospital with none coming or going as Louisville, KY got more than they could handle.

Josh you are a sweet boy with a tender heart!  I love how you roll with punches and laugh over stitches.  I love your dimples, your laugh, your snuggles, your eyes, and natural strength.  I pray that you will always use your abilities to glorify God.  I love you, little man!!


  1. He sure is a sweet little boy! Our home would be incomplete without him. Happy Birthday, Son!

  2. Happy Birthday Joshy! Kay, he looks so much like you with that cowboy hat on and just like Danny in his cub scout uniform!