Friday, December 31, 2010


Yes, January 1st is our wedding day.  It was the best day to choose when batting around days in our 3 week window.  Yep, you read that right.  From the time my enlisted love called me during finals week letting me know that he had orders for Korea over our original wedding date the following June and could we please get married over Christmas when he would fly home.  His commander let him have leave to get married... so could we do that???  I won't replay the conversation I had with the folks over bumping up their first daughter's wedding to 3 weeks away...

It has been 14 years, 8 states, 9 straight years of schooling to get to this point.  And YES, I would do it all over again!  Honey, I am going to say (type) the things I need to get much better at saying...  (I am typing this while the aroma of my huge roses tickle my nose, thanks baby!)

  • Thank you for seeing something that I didn't see 14yrs ago.
  • Thank you for still thinking I am sexy after 5 children.
  • Thank you for helping me learn to deal with my firecracker temper (and for ducking so well before we got that one managed ;-)
  • Thank you for beating up your body in the military for our family and taking your role as provider so seriously.
  • Thank you for helping me have our children!!
  • Thank you for helping me raise those children!!
  • Thank you for your desire to build relationship with extended family because it is important to me.
  • Thank you for being such a pleasure to cook for and for teaching our children that I just might BE the best cook my children have ever seen.
  • Thank you for doing the bills and managing finances that keep our large crew floating... and yea that means I will get better at hearing "no" on shoes and such...
  • Thank you for getting me hooked on Bass Pro Jeans... yea, that store is pretty cool.
  • Thank you, most of all, for seeking guidance from Jesus and being led yourself by the Savior.


  1. ... And thank YOU for saying yes! I'm so happy that you are my wife. I am profoundly grateful that you've been with me on life's journey. Looking forward to one day maybe hiking the AT... ;)


  2. Happy Anniversary!!!

    Kickin' mustache!!! And, Kay, of course, you look lovely.

  3. Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year!

  4. Oh how sweet..Happy Anniversary!! and Happy New Year may you be blessed!!

  5. Happy anniversary!!! Kay, you are such a beautiful person - I know there is so much I can learn from you. I wish you lived closer! May God continue to bless you both!

  6. nanci, i wish we lived closer too!! just learn from my mistakes, friend, i make plenty ;-) i hope you are doing well!!!

    honey, i can't wait to hike that trail with you!!! and of course i will beat you to our destination, yes??

  7. Ahhh! We had very similar circumstances that lead up to our marriage! Got to love Army life! Congrats!