Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

woohoo, friday fragments!!!  i have been de-cluttering the house all week and putting all the Christmas decor stuff up and boxes away... that i am also ready to de-clutter my mind.... so watch out, scary stuff pouring your way!! hahahahahahaha

the baby began crawling this week... BACKWARDS!  so he lodges himself in the funniest places!!  i was able to catch him with my phone camera stuck under the end table.  he was so proud of himself, till he tried to sit up... bumped his head... and then all fun ended :-(
we also had a fun tree decorating incident this year... our 'fluffy' full tree ended up being too heavy for our tree stand.  so during the family decorating time, with Christmas tunes in the background, the tree slowly toppled over onto my 5yr old.  josh is my even keel personality child.  he simply stood still, with decoration still in hand, waiting for the tree to be put up so he could place his ornament on the tree.

then the fun began for hubby to try, late on a sunday night, to hunt down a tree stand big enough for the tree.  he hit 3 places before finding one open... luckily they had a massive tree stand.  it works very well, thank goodness.  now that we have it, i am working on hubby going with my idea of going hog wild next year.  we have a 2 story high entry from the front door here.  a massive tree would be so much fun... we don't really use that front door anyway....
i think i have to keep the man away from stores and turn off his 'Lola' internet.  the man went out on a garland run and came home with another huge present for the kids.  sure, okay, it was almost 70% savings, but seriously!!!  every few years he goes a little nuts.  Christmas is his favorite time of the year, all the duncan boys do it!!  my FIL's wife is just barely getting used to the holiday insanity of the duncan clan ;-)  a few years ago when we had our first real paycheck after seminary, the man hit the mall for our daughter... they had a sale at the disney store... his princess  is still into princesses.... your imagination is just about right!!!!

i was able to move stuff around to put up our new england village scene up this year.  we even have a perfect place for the lights to plug in.  it is nothing at all like my FIL's set up.  he has a mountain with snow on it for his!!!  but with the people around and the crowded 'streets' it really does look like a village.  i love it!!  and that decorating is all me ;-)  yay for creative outlets!!!

i think noah is going to be quite spoiled.  no one, and i mean NO ONE can resist the child.  he just started doing that thing when people walk by or look at him-- he raises his hands with a huge grin on his face.  yep, we all melt.  from the 34yr old to the 3yr old.  and noah has dimples!!!
the girl child earned her points for a dinner/movie date with mommy alone.  it has been at least 6 years since i have been inside a movie theatre and here in DC the matinee price was $7.  but that is part of the reward for her focus in school... she chose to watch tangled.  it was okay, as far as fairy tales go.  i sure do miss the songs that are easy to memorize and fun to sing at the top of my lungs... till my boys cover their ears ;-)
so hubby has a new toy... well okay we both have a new toy, once he is done playing with it.  tech stuff is a slow learn for him, so he gets the most time to understand what it wants from him.  we dipped into savings on black friday to upgrade our very sick iPod.  it would only work when actively plugged in to a power source, and is the only music maker in our old sick van.  our CD player eats disks :-(  if you have caught any of my blogs so far, we are a singing, song rockin' family so we "must have the tunes!"  the new iTouch has a camera on it and snapped a picture of me while i was getting pics off the old laptop before we turn that in.  the ONLY reason i am sharing it (a bit grainy, i think) but i wanted to show my good buddy in TX that i had actually worn pink!!!  it was the only fleece i could lay my hands on today, and i needed the warmth.... i was too lazy today to get a fire going, so i grabbed the first thing i saw in my closet.... the dreaded, horrible, ugly, no good, disgusting, color shouldn't even be in my stupid closet, pink fleece pullover.  get a good look, jamers, i am giving it to bekah after today!!



  1. Sounds like a wonderfully full week! Thanks for the visit and comment this morning! The knitting needled wasn't too big and, the really bad thing? I told myself when I put that bag down that it was a bad idea because someone might hurt their foot on the knitting needles. When will I ever learn? LOL

  2. It is pink!!! I love it! You know, you really do look good in pink. It makes your cheeks all rosy.
    I love the stories. :)

  3. we miss you on here jamers!!! thanks for being kind about me in pink... ben thinks i look good in it as well :-(

    i am sure life is busy and things are crazy... just hang in there woman!!! at least you know what your next move is going to be, that must be a little comforting.

  4. It's so interesting how it's easier for them to go backwards than forwards. My son did the same thing, and found it incredibly frustrating. It sure was funny to watch, though!

    Interesting idea about the foyer tree. We have a 2-story foyer and a rarely-used front door, too, so now you've got my mind spinning....

    Have a great weekend :)

  5. Just reading this post gets me in the Christmas spirit.

    Happy Holiday!

  6. A) You're cute as a button

    B) There must be something about men and the thrill of the hunt to find a bargain. That's not to say they are shoppers, but my house is filled with groceries my husband bought on sale. He behaves and makes sure it stuff we need or else it would just be throwing away perfectly good money. But he hates to shop. Go figure

    C) When our tree toppled over, it fell on my then 2yr old. Neither of his siblings can explain exactly what happened but when I came running into the room all I could see were his red Telly Tubby slippers sticking out - just like the Wizard of Oz. We lost a few ornaments and the tree stand was destroyed, but thankfully no major damage.

  7. woahhh! You be looking good, my skinny friend. owowowww!

  8. ...but you really do look good in Pink! Hysterical that your son just waited for the tree to be removed off him. What a great story.

    Kristin _ The Goat

  9. I'm always decluttering and never decluttered enough... I make myself batty!

    I used to love it when my kids would crawl backwards, get stuck, and get mad... I'd laugh (okay not if they got hurt) I'm sure that explains alot!

    I can't even remember that last movie I saw in the theater... my sister's boyfriend is the marketing director for our local IMAX, so they usually treat the kids to movies and I get mommy time :)

  10. Your crawling story reminds me of something my parents told me. When I was that age, instead of crawling, I "utched" forward on my rear end. They said I was the only kid they ever saw that didn't crawl the normal way. Maybe that now explains why I am like I am. LOL

    Christmas is the season to celebrate, so why not go all out. Get the biggest tree your house will allow. I remember one year as a little boy, we got this gigantic tree that we cut the top off, and it was still too tall when we took it inside. It was the biggest, fullest tree we ever had. I guess that's why I still remember it.

    Have a great weekend.....Matty

  11. Careful, is my favorite color!!

    Since we have a 15-foot ceiling in this house, I do love a big tree, but I just HATE the lights part!

    Loved your sweet snapshots of your kids--They're all so sweet.

    Thanks for playing this week! Have a great weekend.