Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Traditions

do you guys have Christmas traditions?  i am sure you do, as do we all, be it big or small.  here are some of ours!!

MOVIES!  every blessed year, we make time on the weekends or an early evening (especially living up north where the 'cold winds blow').  this is our short list (okay, not so short, maybe)...

It's a Wonderful Life (Chinese Dubbed) Pictures, Images and PhotosWhite Christmas Pictures, Images and Photos- White Christmas, it is a must, even though hubby is NOT a fan of musicals

- It's a Wonderful Life

- National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (we re-enact this often, yes outside)

NAtional Lampoons CHristmas VAcation Pictures, Images and Photos

yes, i love getting all the cards and letters that come our way.  however, i have failed miserably the last, oh, 5 years at sending them out.  but this year i went to the trouble of hunting down matching sweaters for ALL the little boys, the daughter has a new cute jumper... so by jove, we are going to get them out this year.... maybe!

this comes from my hubby's family.  they would slot out a full saturday where my FIL would create a million (or so, give or take a hundred) cut out sugar cookies.  Patty (deceased MIL) would whip up several different colors of frosting (all of this is home made, mind you!) and she along with the boys would decorate cookies.  ALL DAY LONG.  i feel the pressure of this because i am not a baker.  i can whip up some dining that makes you howl for more.... baking... not so much.  so this year, i began at thanksgiving with pumpkin pie, it turned out edible, so this year we have 3-4 Christmas cookies that we are going to attempt.  i will keep you posted on my failure... er, i mean my accomplishment???

yep, singing.  if you have read anything from me before, we are  a singing group.  i love to sing, my hubby loves to sing, my children love to sing.... the dog just talks.  no singing from him yet, but when he learns, vegas here we come!!!  i am a bit regimented in my Christmas tunes, they are only allowed from Thanksgiving night to Jan 5th.  that way they stay special..... and you would have done that too if your mother gave you a holiday song CD of frogs singing Christmas carols!!!!  i need to share that torment  hell  joy with you all!!  (yes, mother, that disk still lives)


  1. If I remember correctly, the Froggy Christmas was a gift to Danny when we were living with Eunice (or the Christmas after we moved to Louisville).

  2. Love all the traditions. Thanks for sharing!